What's On My Plate (sadly no photos!)

For some reason, I felt the need to blog about where I am in my creative process right about now.

I've been super busy (I hate when people give that excuse), so I haven't had time to get a lot done, but you can bet I have a ton of ideas floating around in this blonde head of mine. On top of being busy, I've also suffered from two migraines in the course of 2.5 weeks, so that's two days I've been totally out of commission. I blame it on stress, but it's not like I can really control that right now. Any suggestions from you guys?

Anyway, today begins another wedding weekend for some friends of ours. Nick's in this one this time around, which means I get to lounge around at the hotel all day while he's doing work, mwahaha. So hopefully I'll get some stuff done.

A couple things I'm working on:
  • Reversible knit caps. Using the XO chart I posted last week, I've started knitting reversible hats. And so far, they look awesome. I totally wish I had a picture, but the weather's been terrible (ergo, no natural light for my light box) on top of us all being crazy busy. The one I'm working on is bright pink on one side and white on the other. I really think these will look awesome.
  • Mix & Match hats and flowers. Sometimes, I do enjoy a mindless project. Crocheting a basic hat pattern is one of those mindless projects I enjoy, so I've taken to making them, but with a twist - I'll be selling these plain-ish hats separately from the flowers so people can mix and match. I think we all enjoy customizing stuff, don't we? I figure, I can link the images up to a Polyvore account to let people see what the colors would look like together, and it can be overall fun experience for everyone involved.
  • Playing around with the idea of knitting a Welsh Dragon square for my dad's birthday. We all know how hard it is to craft something for the men in our lives, and my dad's birthday is coming up next week. I really think I could whip this up in a couple hours, but haven't decided what to do with it yet. Give him this square with the promise of an afghan? Frame the square? Make potholders for the kitchen at our lake? I'm not sure. I do know he's obsessed with our Welsh heritage, though, so I think this'll be a good gift.

Sigh... so much to do :)

PS: I've created a mailing list to keep in touch with all my wonderful friends and customers. It's nothing fancy (you think I'd be more anal about it being a graphic designer and all), but I want it to just be a fun and relaxing way for us all to keep in touch. I'm also offering shop deals for everyone's birthday, too! If you want to receive my updates - which I say are monthly, but we all know they'll be few and far between - just sign up! :D