Yarn Store Woes

Every time I visit my local ACMoore, I regret it.

They have very few yarns that I like and use on a regular basis or, when they do, it's never in colors I'd like to use. Last night, I went in hopes I could find some awesome colors to make more fingerless gloves and wrist warmers. I spent five minutes trying to find the Caron Simply Soft (or any Caron at all, for that matter) and finally found it buried in the middle of the tiniest aisle ever. I was soon horrified to discover they only carried six colors, all of which were either muted tones or primary. Where were the Brites?

I tried to find the silver lining, thinking this would be the perfect opportunity to use some Microspun again. Nope, they didn't carry that, period. Any soft yarns that didn't cost more than $4? Meh, not really. Like, I'm looking to sell this stuff - I'm not going to spend $5 on a skein of yarn to make something I only plan on selling for $5.

My basket empty, I saw a row of blue in the Red Heart aisle. Okay, so it wasn't what I was looking for to make hats or gloves, but I figured I could pick up some white and delft blue for the Special Olympics scarves. I had planned on purchasing some online, but if they sold it here, might as well save myself the shipping and have something to work on during the craft show. Great. So they had periwinkle, light blue, dark blue, and navy. Not delft, heaven forbid.

At this point, I think my trooper boyfriend was ready to murder me and was going dizzy from all my walking back and forth. Eventually, I wound up purchasing $32 of yarn from the sale rack in some gorgeous colors that felt great. I couldn't, for the life of me, tell you how some of them ended up in clearance because they were so wonderful, and most were less than $3.

My biggest concern? I live in a heavily populated city less than an hour outside of Phildelphia. For two years, I lived in Middle of Nowhere, Central PA, and had the world's most amazing ACMoore less than 15 minutes away that carried every Caron color imaginable and tons of novelty yarn I have yet to find around here. I love where I live, but the ACMoore leaves something to be desired.

But they do have a bigger selection of crochet and knitting tools than I've ever seen anywhere. Then again, how often do I need to buy supplies?

PS: I bought a High School Musical lunchbox at Giant last night for $4. Guess what I brought my lunch in today? :)