Glove Crazy

I have this craft show coming up in two weeks and, as mentioned in a previous entry, have zero access to my yarn collection at the moment. So sadly, I must make due with what I have. Despite having some ugly, boring colors on hand, I need to get started on stuff for this craft show. I already have a ton of hats on file (though none of them are new and were used in the same craft show last year, and then I got really lazy and didn't crochet for like six months), and I recently learned how to make arm warmers... strange, considering it's usually a beginner's project. BUT - they are so much fun! And quick to make! And I can make about 90 before the craft show in two weeks, provided I buy more yarn (tomorrow = pay day!) and don't get the urge to make more hats. Thought if I do, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Anyway, I found this pattern on Ravelry and they're seriously super quick to whip up and uber cute. I might actually try some of my own patterns as the weeks wear on and I feel more comfortable with my inventory for the show.

I expect these to sell like hotcakes, perhaps for $5 because they really do whip up quickly, but I'm never good at anticipating what sells. I poured my heart and soul into gorgeous hats last year and ended up selling a ton of fun fur scrunchies I whipped up in a day. People bought my hats, they really did, but the scrunchies stole the show. Who knew? I mean... they're scrunchies.

Anyway, super happy with these and I've already started making a set in black. With any luck, I'll finish up a bunch tonight while I do some reading for work, bust some of my unwanted stash, and have plenty of room to add more yarn to the collection tomorrow.