Finished: Hygge Socks


The Cozy Knitter's Hygge socks were my first cast-ons of 2018 - and for good reason.

I go through a bit of a slump after the holidays are over and the mere thought of knitting with holiday-colored yarn makes me sad. Not sure why that is, and never have been. I think it has something to do with not having to work and just enjoying relaxing time with friends and family with no real reason to go anywhere for anything other than selfish reasons. In other words, it's the only time of year I truly get to indulge in myself and I miss it when it's gone.

Cue the Hygge socks, which are a perfect combination of a spring colors that help me forget my living room is now void of cozy decorations.

Project Details:

Pattern: My own, sort of. Increased the toe until I had a multiple of 4 sts (my preferred number of stitches for socks in most yarn bases is 64), then knit in stockinette except for color change rows, where I instead *k3, sl1* around.
Yarn: The Cozy Knitter
Colorway: Hygge

Not too shabby of a cast-on for the new year, right? Even better: I finished the entire pair in a week! I'm sure there are knitters reading this right now who will scoff that it took me a full week to knit two pairs of socks, but it typically takes me at least two to finish socks I'm in love with (longer - much longer - if I lose interest).

Can't get enough? I'm also:

Knitting: Ho-Ho-Holiday Socks (also by The Cozy Knitter). I was going to take a break from sock-knitting for a bit so I could explore other projects (or finish up some WIPs), but I couldn't steal myself away. Plus, if you couldn't tell, I'm participating in The Cozy Knitter's 2018 Sock-A-Thon, so I need to knit up as many of these guys as possible. As an added bonuses, I also needed something to work on for my flight to Vegas next week for work, so cue another mindless pair of socks!

Cross-Stitching: Are you shocked? Yes, I had a weekend to myself at home and got bored, so I started cross-stitching an owl pattern I purchased a long time ago. Details to come soon!

Listening to: Two Girls One Ghost (podcast)

PS: Don't forget to follow my new knitting-only instagram @jennlikesyarn! Okay, it's not entirely knitting-only; there will be cross-stitching and crocheting, too ;)