Finished: Skywave Shawl


I'm typing this to you, dear blog readers, at the onset of either a cold or a horrific allergy attack. I'm hoping it's the later because it means the madness will end tomorrow, but I fear I'm coming down with something (and I'm not happy about it.

Yet here I am, pouring my yarn-filled little heart out to you as I finish up another project.

Apparently, I'm in a shawl phase, as I've finished a second in as many months and started a third.

I'm not complaining. Shawls are fun "larger" projects and make for perfect fall scarves. In other words, they're my favorite things to knit up this time of year (I'd say socks are my favorite, but they're my favorite projects for any time of year).

I LOVE how this shawl worked up, despite its many mistakes. Well, I shouldn't say many. I forgot that each "scale" requires two pattern repeats and only did one repeat about halfway through. I'd already tinked back enough rows after having forgotten four rows of garter stitch and couldn't bring myself to rip out two full repeats, so the mistake survives. I'm sure nobody else (other than maybe a fellow knitter) would notice. And if you do notice, you're probably standing too close to me and I'm seething about it.

I also liked how there are two versions: one with the pattern repeat all the way through the pattern, and another with the lace only working up at the edges - it's up to you based on your preferences. I, for one, was feeling particularly sadistic, so I worked the lace all throughout.

This shawl has been following me around since June, when I took it on my girlfriends BSB Vegas excursion as a plane distraction, so it's nice to finally have those needles free again.

Project Info:

Pattern: Skywave
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Gradient
Colorway: Hula Girl

In the meantime, I'm:

Knitting: Golden Ray
Reading: The Book Thief - I just joined an all-new local book club that some friends of mine and I are starting up and this is our first read. I can't believe I've made it this far in love without picking it up, but I'm so glad I finally did.
Listening to: My Favorite Murder (podcast)
Watching: The entire Harry Potter series because it's that time of year, isn't it?