The Great Knit-In of Blizzard 2016

Did everyone survive the blizzard? Our total in my neck of the woods reached 31", though you can't tell for sure due to all the high winds and resulting drifting. Nevertheless, it was a boat load of fun... for Nick, who spent all day Sunday shoveling a path to civilization so I could get to work today. Also, the dog was not amused.

After doing some work around the house and making yummy "we're stranded" breakfasts and hot chocolate from scratch, I managed to work in a couple hours of reading and nearly completed my Duchess of Devonshire shawl while binge-watching Scream Queens on Hulu. All I've got to do now is finish the border, soak, and block, and then it's ready to wear. The green makes me think of spring, which is definitely not happening any time soon.

What did you knit on while we were all stuck inside with cabin fever? Did everyone maintain their sanity? And how are the roads like by you? It's a bit nightmarish here, not gonna lie.

In the meantime, I'm:

Knitting: Just Another Vanilla Sock - Christmas Edition
Reading: Da Vinci's Tiger (my December 2015 OwlCrate book)