Review: Yarn Crush 2015 December Unboxing

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As mentioned in earlier posts, Joanna from Yarn Crush contacted me in late January to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing their latest subscription boxes. But trust me when I say that although this video may be slightly belated, it's well worth the read (and clicking to subscribe!)

The Goodies

The Yarn is a delectable hank of Yarn Indulgences Zed Luxe Sock, of which I received the Steel Teal colorway (the other surprise option was the Paisley colorway, which is more of a neutral purple and just as lovely). I can't even begin to describe how soft this yarn feels, although I can already tell that the twist will make for an extremely sturdy project (sock or otherwise). Made and dyed in Canada, Zed Luxe Sock is 400yds of fingering weight 70% SW Merino Wool, 20% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon.

The Patterns: If you haven't yet heard, Yarn Crush subscribers now get both a knitting and a crochet pattern. I love this. Although knitting is my craft of choice, crochet was my love for many years and, like a middle child craving attention, I always felt left out of a fiber world catered to knitting. But not with this subscription! December's knitting pattern is the Hellebore Clutch, an elegant evening bag adorned with a rosette and studded with Swarovski crystal beads (don't worry - all the supplies you need are included!) The crochet pattern is the Origami Clutch that boasts a roomy interior with sparkly, beaded flowers.

The Yummies: This month's extra goodies complete your project. A rhinestone clutch frame is the perfect finishing touch for both patterns and a bag of 48 Swarovski beads pair beautifully with either color yarn provided. PLUS we got coupon codes for 20% off any yarn purchased through the Yarn Indulgences website and 25% of our entire crochet pattern purchase from ACCROchet on Ravelry.

The Price: I've said it before and I'll say it again: one of my favorite things about Yarn Crush is that you know the retail value of each item in your box (it's published along with the description of the box's contents). Why is that important? Because you know exactly what you're getting for what you've paid, and let me tell you: it's always a steal. The retail value of December 2015's box was $50.97, but the monthly subscription price is only $32.99 in comparison.

The Rating

How could I possibly give Yarn Crush any less than 5/5 stars? The answer is: I can't. The yarn is just too pretty and the projects too fun for me not to rave like a lunatic about the contents.

How to Get It

There are a couple subscription options and multiple ways to pay. For example, you can subscribe to a monthly box or bi-monthly box and then select how often you'd like to be charged. You, of course, save money with a 3- or 6-month payment plan; I love when subscriptions cater to both our needs and our budgets, especially for those of us trying to be more conscious of what we spend in the new year.

If you're ready to learn more, click the button below to either subscribe or select the subscription option that's right for you: