2016 Vogue Knitting LIVE! Recap

This past weekend, I had the chance to experience the overwhelmingly-worth-it event that is Vogue Knitting LIVE! in NYC thanks to a bus trip organized by my LYS, The Knitter's Edge.

It was a great day, and I'd like to thank my October trip to Rhinebeck for helping to brace myself for hoards of people pushing/shoving their way through tight aisles to grab all the pretty. Of course, Rhinebeck is about 12x the size of VKLive (or something like that), but nevertheless - I came prepared with my list of must-see vendors and an idea of yarns I'd buy immediately if I came across them.

That doesn't mean I didn't stray from my path. Oh, no-siree-bob. For example, I promised myself I wouldn't stop by the Dragonfly Fibers booth because I gorged myself on their yarn back in October, but haven't yet knit any projects with it. Suffice it to say, I failed as soon as I saw they only had one lace-weight hank left of Lady Liberty, their exclusive VKLive colorway. Not being one to tempt fate, I bought it with no regrets.

After a long day, it seemed like I had spent my entire bank account on yarn, only to come home and discover that... well... I really hadn't brought much back with me. That's okay, though, since I'm supposed to be on a yarn ban (sponsored by my friend Erin and Clare of bobwilson123 fame) until at least March. Maybe I'll push it back a month. Or a year, even, until the hoarding gets under control. Er... or perhaps a decade, since I'm pretty sure my stash outlives my life expectancy.

Here's a full list of all my stash, starting with the Plymouth Encore tweed in the top left of the photo:

  • Plymouth Yarn - Encore Tweed - 1316 (this yarn, as well as two free patterns, snacks, and water, were graciously provided to us by The Knitter's Edge for participating in the bus trip)
  • KnitCircus Yarns - Greatest of Ease - Kaylee
  • Loop - Bullseye Bumps - Double Rainbow
  • Clara Dress Pattern
  • Dragonfly Fibers - Squishy Lace - Lady Liberty (VKL 2016 Exclusive!)
  • Hedgehog Fibres - Twist Sock - Genie
  • Narwhal Needlework - Rogue - Mermaid Hair

Aside from the Marketplace, my favorite parts of the day were the fashion shows. Not only did they provide a nice rest from walking around in my ill-chosen heavy winter boots, but we were able to check out some new yarns and patterns from companies like String Yarns, Koigu, and Universal Yarn

Also, I didn't get a chance to take too many photos, but here's what I was able to snap:

All-in-all, a fun but exhausting day! I was excited to come home, drool over my yarn, and then pass out comfortably in my bed. Now, if only I could decide what I want to knit up first...