Review: Yarn Crush Subscription Unboxing

It's never a bad day when someone messages you on Twitter and asks if you want to get yarn on your doorstep.

That's right: imagine my glee when the good folks at Yarn Crush contacted me early last month to ask if I wouldn't mind taking a look at their next subscription box and giving you all my honest opinion. So here goes:

What I Got:

The Yarn: True North Strong Sock from Violette Yarn Co. Dyed exclusively for Yarn Crush, this yarn is a blend of 80% Bluefaced Leicester and 20% nylon, which I think will make for a nice, sturdy sock.

The Pattern: Inspired by the gorgeous peacock, the Tail Feathers pattern coordinates beautifully with this month's yarn.

The Goodies:

Soak: I've heard nothing but good things about Soak. In fact, I think I have a sample from a swap I participated in several years ago (which has been lost to the magical elves that steal things in my pigsty of a craft room). In any event, Soak is what the pros use to wash their hand-knits because it's super gentle. It also smells really good.

Heel: By the makers of Soak, Heel is a foot cream that will make our toes worthy to wear our new Tail Feathers!

Self-Measuring Tape: Maybe my favorite non-yarn item in the box. This tape measure is format to fit around round surfaces and lock so you don't need to fight with those flimsy fashion tapes anymore.

Pocket Mirror: The latest adorable accessory to be added to the black hole that is my purse, this adorable pocket mirror states the obvious: "All you need is love and lots of yarn".

My Rating:

Two thumbs up! This is a semi-surprise package I'd love receiving every month, and the price ($32.99) for what's included can hardly be beat by similar subscription boxes. And if you have too much yarn (as if that's a real thing) or need to save some cash, there's a bi-monthly subscription option for only $2 more.

I particularly like that the retail prices are listed individually so you know how much the items are outside of a subscription box. The September box I received has a retail value of $48.97, but you'd only pay $32.99 - that's a savings of over $15, guys! For high-quality, exclusive yarn that'll make all your friends jealous.

Full disclosure: Yarn Crush sent me this box to review, but I have otherwise received no compensation for my opinion. I really did love this box and think you will, too!