Review: Introducing Cloudborn Fibers from Craftsy

Last month, the generous folks at Craftsy asked if I'd knit up and review a premium yarn line they've just launched on their website. Because I'd have to be certifiably insane to turn down an offer like that (and because I always need to keep my hands busy), I jumped at the opportunity to snatch up some gorgeous fiber and work on a fun autumn project.

And by "autumn", I mean "winter", because procrastination.

That yarn is Cloudborn Fibers, a Craftsy-exclusive yarn line that sounded to-die-for based on its photos and description. My only dilemma? With so many available options, I had a heck of a time narrowing down which yarn I wanted to play with (the struggle is real, first world problems, yada yada yada - life is hard).

The yarn I chose is Cloudborn Merino Superwash Sock Twist in the Stormy Skies colorway - and it's beautiful not only to look at, but to knit with, as well. I've chosen the Pebble Beach Shawl for its debut on my blog, partially because I thought it would be perfect for this project and partially because I didn't think I could work on another pair of socks without losing what's left of my sanity (there's not much, so I'm holding on tight to the remnants). That said, this yarn would work up into beautifully comfy socks if you chose that route.

I'm knitting the shawl on my Knitter's Pride Marblz and they're doing a great job - the yarn is a bit slippery thanks to the merino, so the acrylics lend just enough grab so my stitches don't escape. Believe me, I've given away enough projects blocked with the salt of my tears due to overly slippery needles; I don't need that during my busiest crafting season.

Suffice it to say, I'm blown away by this new yarn line and think it's a marvelous foray into a new brand by Craftsy. Make sure to check it out or add it to your wish list this holiday season :)