Finished: Knit Watchman Cap

Project Information:

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Heathers

Color: Charcoal Heather

Pattern: Ribbed Watchman's Hat (free!)

Difficulty: Super freakin' easy

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Life Updates:

  • Fritzy got groomed over the weekend and is now hairless. He kind of looks like a rat and I feel like a bad mom. But his Bark Box shipped yesterday, so that makes it slightly better - because love can be purchased, amirite?
  • I'm going to Philly this weekend with my friend Megan to see Camera Obscura, a band I was obsessed with eons ago. It's okay to relive one's youth every now and then... whilst also finding an expensive nearby gastropub in which to gorge ourselves beforehand.
  • I think I'm getting back into my blogging groove. Brace yourselves.