FINISHED: Custom Flower Hair Pins

Who doesn't love a pretty crocheted flower?  I shipped these puppies out earlier this week and love the way they came out.  I'm so sick of winter that it was nice to work on something more spring-like for a change.

What's more is I loved the yarn I got to use for them.  My customer sent me several skeins of Cascade Cherub Aran - two plain and two with sparkles - to make for headbands that she knits.  It was OMG HEAVENLY!  Just like the name "cherub" would imply.  As if I was crocheting with a cloud.

Obviously, the next step in this whole process was me visiting Jimmy Beans Wool and buying some for myself (especially in that coral color!  Drool!)  I plan on making several headbands or other accessories with them for my etsy shop - just because I can.  That does mean the prices for these will be a bit more than usual because the cost of yarn and shipping will naturally increase costs, but I think it's worth the investment.

Oh, Cascade Yarns... I've heard of you for years, but never had the chance to indulge.  Now I know what I was missing!