Finished: Purple Crochet Hat with Pigtails

Just in case you haven't seen everything, here's a purple crochet Cabbage Patch-inspired pigtail hat.

I did, in fact, make that.  And I also, in fact, wasn't sure I'd like the end result.  But holy smokes, it's beautiful.  I want one for myself, but realize it's probably not appropriate for a woman of 30 (at least for wearing to work).

I just hope my customer likes the color because I wasn't sure which purple to go with.  So I just chose my favorite out of the pile of purples I purchased from Hobby Lobby over the weekend.  I think the pastel pink bows look uber cute with this medium shade, especially because they have a simple transparent center that gives them extra flare.

Before I go, would anyone be interested in the pattern for this?  There are plenty of them floating around, but I haven't seen one any for a hat that looks exactly like my version.  Let me know; I've got some free time for the holidays coming up and will be working on website and shop updates, mostly having to do with my patterns and their organization.

And so ends another year of holiday orders from my etsy shop.  Every year, the orders come in one by one and I think, "Wow, I'm really ahead of the game this year."  And every year, I realize I have yet to start on any projects for my friends and family, which results in silent weeping into skeins of yarn.  It goes without saying that I have a few personal projects to whip out in the next seven days - the race is on!