news: knit and crochet now! back for 4th season

Host Brett Bara returns for a pattern-packed fourth season of Knit and Crochet Now!

Great news, readers!  One of my favorite crafting shows, Knit and Crochet Now!, is about to return with an all-new fourth season.  Nothing gives me more joy than those rare weekends when Hubby has to go somewhere and I can curl up with my yarn, my cats, the dog, and a DVR full of KCN recordings - am I right?

Or is my life just way cooler than yours?

Depending on your local public broadcast station, a whopping 13 new episodes will begin airing this October (hey, that's now!).  You probably already know this, but each episode features knit and crochet projects, exciting new yarns, interesting stitch patterns, and now - a fun new segment called Knit and Crochet Now! Scarf of the Week. That couldn't be better timing, either; after all, October means there are only two months until Christmas and winter, so scarves are perfect for gifts and practicality.

Hosted by the lovely Brett Bara, episodes welcome designers and experts Robyn Chachula, Ellen Gormley, Kristin Nicholas and Maggie Pace, who help explain an array of projects and techniques. Their combined expertise in knit and crochet, and in color, felting and beadwork will inspire viewers to watch, learn and grow their skills.

"I’m so excited about everything we have to offer in the new season! We’ve got a ton of amazing projects, from afghans to dog sweaters—and I love my new ‘Scarf of the Week’ segment, where I show how to make a different scarf in every episode. There’s really something for everyone, both knitters and crocheters from beginner to advanced," Bara said.

Some of the new projects we'll see this season include garments, pet sweaters, stuffed toys and even a knit scarf made of mink yarn. Techniques shown are suitable for all levels and include spool and loom knitting, crocheting with beads, and embellishing with knit and crochet flowers. Viewers will watch as  projects are worked from alternative yarns such as recycled denim, mink and milk fibers.

So, are you as excited as I am?  I've already set my DVR again :)

Consult your local public broadcast station for dates and times, or use the handy station finder at