prepping beachy yarn excursions

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(And also, do people really spell "Web site" that way anymore?)

I've got nothing.  Okay, not entirely true.  It's not like I haven't been working on things.  Most of them are custom orders for products you've already seen about a bajillion times.  Other things are smaller projects that I haven't had a chance to photograph because either I'm really really busy or really really lazy - I haven't decided.  And finally, some projects are super top secret because they're gifts.

10,000 meter challenge = fail.  I surrender.


I'm going to beach next week for our annual roasting session - I mean - vacation.  I plan on taking a project or two with me for those occasional downtimes when we're locked in our hotel room enjoying some newly acquired Dogfish Head.  It might not be the best idea to indulge in craft beer while working an intricate lace pattern, but you only live once.

And let's not forget that yarn shop I found on the boardwalk last year.  If I managed to spend $100 on yarn when I could barely stand from sun poisoning, well then, my bank account is in for treat.

I'm sure I'll have photos to post once I'm back that include - God willing - a yarn haul.  What should my theme be this year?  Last year, I went for some mohair lace yarn that matched ocean-y beach colors.  I'm thinking this year's theme should be... "insane hoarder"?

I mean, look at this mess:

That's my craft room.  Do I really need more?


So with that said, I shall see you all on upon my return :)  Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend and are surviving this whacky heat wave.