valentine's day heart banner

Hi, all!  It's a rainy, icy morning here in my neck of the woods.  Always a fun thing when you're driving a rental car since your car is still in the shop 2.5 weeks later.  But I'm not bitter.

I've been taking somewhat of a break from knitting and crocheting.  I know, sad days.  I've been enjoying having a few weeks with a little more painting, video game playing, cross stitching, and a lot more reading.  It's been nice.  Obviously, I will be getting back to my shop soon - I could never give it up forever.  I just needed a break to experiment with other things I enjoy for a bit.

That said, I've been finishing up a couple custom orders and then started a crochet Valentine's Day banner:

As I shoved our Christmas decorations away two weeks ago and started dragging out winter stuff, I realized we don't have too many Valentine's Day things.  The house looks so empty and void of color in the winter, so I decided to correct that.

I'm working off of this simple heart pattern that whips up pretty fast and uses a bunch of stash yarns in different colors.  I'm almost done creating yellow hearts and plan on making some mint green ones next.  When they're done, I'm just going to crochet a long chain and hang the hearts from it with little clothes pins.  I think it'll be super cute and make our living room more cozy.  After that, I'll have to figure out something for the rest of this dreary season.

In other news, I keep saying I'll be responding to comments soon, and I actually mean it this time.  I'm not sure what happened, but I got a lot of email over the past couple weeks and need to catch up on everyone's comments and questions.  Sit tight and know that I'm working on helping you all out :D  And thanks for sticking with me despite not posting much lately.