fireworks surprise - fun and different granny squares

Hi, everyone!  Today, I wanted to show you some photos of granny squares I completed for a group giveaway.

The contest's winners were able to choose what colors squares they wanted, so each group member had to crochet one black+white square and one purple+pink square.

Now, it's nothing against granny squares, but I didn't want to make a standard one.  I've made a crap ton of those in my lifetime, so I was looking for something a little more challenging.  That's how I wound up coming across this Fireworks Surprise square over on Ravelry.  And I just went to town on it.

Here's what I came up with:

The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver in Black, White, Medium Purple, and Petal Pink.  I'm not the world's biggest fan of Super Saver, but the color variety is fantastic and it works up really well for nice, thick, comfortable afghans.

Do you have any non-traditional granny square patterns that you've fallen in love with?  What attracts you to something a little different?