custom order: black slouchy hat with white stripes

Happy Monday-After-Cinco-de-Mayo!  Did everyone see the Super Moon?  Hubby and I had gone to dinner in Stroudburg with some friends on Saturday and tried to find the moon after getting home.  It was a little too overcast, but what we could see wasn't so super.  I was kind of sad.

In any event, I really haven't been knitting, crocheting, or tatting much these past few weeks (with the exception of some custom orders).  I've made a couple more Jack Skellington hats and I'm currently working on a red slouchy using a new ergonomic crochet handle that I'm in love with.  I also went on a massive spending spree over the past couple months, so I have yarn and supplies to one day share with you.

But for now, I wanted to show you this picture of a cute black slouchy hat with white stripes up the side:

I made this hat for a custom order last month and am so happy with the way it turned out.  I can picture it in a bunch of different colors: pink with black stripes, black with teal stripes, etc.  I might make a few more of these to list in the shop.  I just improvised the pattern, but I may write it down for everyone, too.  But we all know what happens when I say I'll do that - nothing :)

Anyway, that's all I have for you today.  More frequent updates to come (again) now that I only have one class and some free time on my hands for the first time in two years.  Should be fun!