a crochet hat for hubby!

Only six days left!  And only half of those are good for crafting because the rest are spent wrapping the presents you should have had done months ago.  Oh, well :)

Anyway, I can't show you most of what I've been working on because of the fact they're Christmas gifts.  But I CAN show you this quick project that I whipped up over the weekend because Hubby has been complaining about a cold head for at least the past month.  Well, I did promise to make him a hat for our anniversary and never did... so that's probably why.  But here it is:



The light grey yarn is some leftover Plymouth Encore Tweed I had from a shopping trip Hubby and I took while vacationing at my parents' lake house.  The dark yarn is some leftover Vanna's Choice I had from knitting the gloves I posted last week.

I only combined the two colors because I was running out of the Tweed, but I think the result looks great.  It's actually a little too big on Hubby because he complained that his last hat didn't cover his ears - and it doesn't.  Even though I had added an extra inch to the pattern.  So I just threw this new hat together and he wore it all weekend.  Because he wubs me.

I finished up two other gifts this weekend and will probably finish the last one over the next couple days.  I guess I have no choice, though :)