finished: knitted hat & cowl set

I failed at updating you with current projects last week, so here's one (technically two) that I'm most proud of.

I finished this hat and cowl set for my friend's birthday this past weekend, and I'm super happy with the results! 



I bought the pattern on Ravelry, and even though the hat is great, I was somewhat disappointed in the price just because it was so simple.  That said, it is a very pretty hat, so I guess I'm okay with it now.  Plus, my friend loved it, so you can't ask for anything else, really :)

The cowl is a pattern designed by the owner of the yarn shop less than a block away from my friend's boyfriend's house in Philadelphia - coincidentally, where we bought the yarn to make this back in August.  So felt like it was appropriate.  AND it was really easy for looking so complicated.  I was very happy with it, and the set looked great together.

Our trip to Philadelphia was so much fun.  We had a tasy dinner at a restaurant called Southwark, which comes highly recommended by us.  Hubby actually tried eating tongue and loved it.  I couldn't get past the fact it was tongue, so I was content with my chicken, haha.  Then we all went back to Pub & Kitchen for drinks.  So all-in-all, a fun and productive weekend.

On a sidenote, I only have one nervewracking presentation left to give tomorrow afternoon for class and a 10-page paper due Thursday and then I'm done for the semester!  And I think I discovered this morning that I only have five classes left instead of six, so if that's true, my day was made.  Here's hoping!