My Birthday Cricut Craft Haul & Projects

Because I'm sure you've all been keeping track, we all know my birthday is on Thursday.  This weekend, I got one of my fabulous presents a wee bit early, and you can only imagine how excited I was.

Behold: the reason I will never accomplish nothing else in my life:

My New Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Machine!

I've been holding out for one of these for at least three years.  Actually, I wanted one the first time I saw the commercial eons ago.  I can't believe I finally have one in my possession.

So of course, just getting a Cricut wasn't enough.  I had to blow all my birthday money on extra supplies, as well:


That monster in the middle is the "Big Bite" that I got for $20 with a 50% off Michaels coupon.  I've wanted one for awhile because I have a chip board album I purchased on Etsy last year that I can't punch holes through.  I figured this would come in handy, especially since I can create my own chip board shape albums now.

I also bought three new cartridges at both Michaels and ACMoore because they were all on sale.  From Michaels, I bought Damask Decor because it had a lot of frilly, fun shapes I could use as page backgrounds and on cards.  I also bought Simply Charmed because it had a lot of basic holiday imagery.  From ACMoore, I bought the Storybook cartridge because I wanted fonts.  What I loved about the Storybook cartridge is that the font looks simple enough, but you can fancy it up by layering other included shapes on top of the basic font.  Overall, I stuck with cartridges I thought were pretty versatile.

I didn't find any winter cartridges, though, and I wanted to get one so I could make snowflake window clings.  Well, apparently now is the time to buy them on ebay because I won a Winter Lace cartridge auction for $16.03 with free shipping.  Works for me.  It was shipped out this morning, so I can't wait to play around with that.

Anyway, here are my first attemps at making things with my Cricut:

My first Cricut project!

Birthday card in progress

I'm still trying to figure out how to get the blade to work properly and all that fun shnazzy stuff, but it's all trial and error.  I'm still having fun, even when I make a detailed design too small and it gets all FUBARed on me.  If you have any tips or tricks, feel free to let me know :)

THANK YOU, MOM AND DAD!  Can't wait to see you guys for dinner on Thursday!