3-D paper flowers made with the Cricut!

A brief departure from knitting, crocheting, and crochet-a-long-ing!

Here are some 3-D paper flowers I've been making with my Cricut:

Scrapbooking Paper Flowers (made with my Cricut)

Scrapbooking paper flowers (made with my Cricut)


I had found this great tutorial that required a flower-shaped paper punch.  Being impatient and not wanting to spend more money, I took to the few cartridges I already have in my collection and found a flower cut-out that, with some work, could be used for this process.

I think I'm going to run to ACMoore today and buy a flower punch just for time-saving purposes (plus I have a 55% off coupon, so why not?).  I'm addicted to making these!  The ability to make professional-looking flowers without having to spend a ton of money on them just astounds me.

Okay, that's my quick update for the day :)  With any luck, I'll finish up my CAL tonight and have photos before the holiday weekend!