Vote for Me in "Best Blogs of the Lehigh Valley"!

Morning, all!

I have so much to update you with.  I finally got an XD card for my new camera so I've been taking pictures left and right of current projects: Flower swaps, a new stitch I learned and am applying to a scarf, some knit afghan squares from Knitting Today magazine, blah blah blah.  A whole slew of things.

But today I'm here because I've been nominated for "Best Blogs of the Lehigh Valley"!  Of course, that means nothing if I don't get my readers to come on over and vote.

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And on that note, I know they've been sparse lately, but I'll be getting back into my groove thang soon.  Classes have just been kicking my butt the past couple weeks and my motivation's been lacking.  Gotta get back to it, though!