The craft room. She is done. BWAHAHA.

As we draw closer to our Halloween Housewarming party, Hubby and I have been working hard on getting the house ready for 20+ people to come visit and destroy all our hard work, haha.  No really, we love our friends and want the house to be in tip top shape for when they visit.

For the past eight months, my poor craft room has been a catch-all for everything we haven't been able to sort through yet due to other projects (like redoing the kitchen and, well, just being overall busy with other things).  But the past two weekends, I got my butt in gear, finished all my grad school homework during the week so weekends would be free, and got to cleaning, organizing, and throwing things out.

And I'm now excited to show off what my craft room FINALLY looks like:

Here's the room when you first walk in the front door.  Those yarn cubes have been organized pretty much since we first moved in (just so I could have easy access to them and know what I had in stock before buying more... which... has been a huge issue in the past :P), but the rest of the room had a bunch of boxes.  We also bought that golden beige chair yesterday, and I think it goes really well with the room.  It wasn't expensive, either, and it's shockingly more comfortable than any of the big stuffed chairs I was originally looking at.

Here we have a view of my bookcase.  Well, bookcase and random clutter case.  The whole top shelf are just little boxes of notions and a sock monkey kit that I bought to make Hubby two Christmases ago.  You can tell I love sewing so so much.  The bottom shelf are all my general crafting books, knit & crochet calendars, and my beads for crocheting jewelry.  Those white posterboards are what I use to take pictures on, and the placemat is for when I eventually get around to making my own sock blockers.  In 12 years.

And here's my sewing closet and scrapbooking supplies.  My mom stole my sewing machine a couple months ago, so I haven't gotten around to all that quilting I want to learn.  It's probably better that way, considering there really isn't enough room to add fabric to this disaster area.  But still.

Oh, well.  I'm just so happy it's finally done.  If I had a before picture, you'd probably die.  And when we moved in, the room was a pastel pink!  So it's quite a drastic change that I love love love!  Totally looking forward to classes being done in four weeks so I can work on all my holiday projects in peace :)

I hope our friends appreciate the fact I got my craft room clean for them!  Haha.