The scarf that launched a thousand tears

Behold: the bane of my existence.

Okay, not really. This is a traveling scarf that's going around my group now. I have to admit I loved it just a little bit - the colors of the yarn and the yarn itself were fantastic, and so is the pattern the original owner chose.

Except that I have attempted this pattern multiple times in the past and always wound up throwing out the result and crying. Well, maybe more like cursing.

It seems simple enough. On the right side, you knit one stitch then slip stitch with the yarn in front; opposite for the wrong side. But heck, if you mess up once, good luck keeping that all straight if you need to knit back. Of course, I did have to knit back a couple times because I wasn't paying attention (that's what I get for working on this in the car).

But as with all projects, I came out of this one unscathed and proud of myself for conquering my demon. I know, what a terrible demon it was, right? Working with beautiful yarn - awful!

She requested several flower colors, so I chose pink and purple. Are you all shocked? I used this Rose Brooch pattern that I've used a couple times with crochet thread to made teeny tiny scrapbooking flowers. It's much, much easier using a larger hook and yarn! I think they look great together - what do you think?

Hope you all have some great weekends planned! I'm getting together with some lady friends tomorrow night for a nice homecooked dinner, some Alice in Wonderland, and crafting - of course! I'll be taking my famous cookie dough cheese ball. What are you working on this weekend? :D