Swap project in progress

If you are my swap partner for The Odd Duck Swaps over on Ravelry, do not read any further!  Haha.  Because this post may or may not spoil your surprise.

The latest swap I'm participating in, due at the end of February, is about our favorite holidays.  My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween.  Because Christmas so recent, and I seriously don't need anymore Christmas goodies (just ask my husband who helped me put that stuff away a couple weekends ago), I decided to go with Halloween.

Even more fun is that my swap-ee's favorite holiday is also Halloween!  So I get to focus on my favorite holiday for her, too.

My bigger handmade item is going to be another Foliage hat.  It excites me every time I finish one because I really, really, really hate knitting lace, but the outcome is so pretty.  My swap-ee's favorite color is green, so that's what I'm using for this one.  I also started the hat using magic loop (it's a top-down hat) and I remembered that trying to do that on DPN's made me want to stab myself with them rather than make something.  It worked out pretty well:

The picture makes it looks super saggy, but it looks really adorable when worn.  And finished.  You can see my stitch markers at the end of each leaf repeat.  It's hell, I tell you.

I did have to restart the project three times because hubby and I have recently gotten into Dexter, so I've been distracted by Michael C Hall's amazing good looks.  Needless to say, you (well I) need to pay attention to this type of project.  And I don't really have the attention span right now to do that, haha.  So it's going pretty slow.

I hope to finish the last leaf repeat tonight at my knitting group, then knit the super easy ribbing really quickly this weekend so I can focus on the rest of the package.

I haven't purchased the yarn I'm going to include in the package yet, but I do know the theme I'm going for. I also need to pick up some treats, and this weekend I plan on digging through my stash for yarn to crochet some candy corn doo-dads.

In other news, I've been redesigning my logo and website, so we'll see what comes of that.  If you're already a fan of my Facebook page, you'll know I'm thinking about switching from GoDaddy to Webs only because you can integrate your etsy shop with your site.  Which would be awesome.  I'm also working on some ideas for YouTube instructional videos and project videos, which I think could be really fun for everyone (a bunch of people have asked me to do this, and I'm game!).  So lots of renovations will be coming over the next few months!