My Review: Knit- and Crochet-Pattern-A-Day Calendars 2010

Because I promised!

These guys arrived very quickly after placing my order last week - no surprise there, having ordered them from Amazon.  I was still a little miffed at Barnes & Noble for not carrying the calendar selection they usually have, thus having to pay full price for the one calendar (plus shipping!!!!), but whatever.

sitting on my desk at work, and the

Crochet Pattern-a-Day: 2010 Calendar

at home, so I've had a chance to take a deep look at them over the past few days.  Here are some of my conclusions:

The Good:

  • Design: The Pattern-A-Day calendars have really grown up for 2010.  You'll notice that the cover design is different and includes multiple pictures of those patterns you'll find inside.  Though the Marketing side of me is thinking that was done as a better way to advertise what you're getting, the Buyer side really enjoys seeing how the year is gonna go down creatively.  And overall, it's a more mature look.
  • The photos are also really nice to look at, and much more professional than in past years.
  • Indestructible: In past calendars, you couldn't help but destroy the daily pages if you removed them from the box.  I keep finding them in my stash pile, actually, and they're crumpled-up messes.  It makes me sad because when I find a pattern I like, I probably want to make it again, but I was always too lazy to laminate the pages.  The newer pages are much thicker.  I mean, they're still paper, so you don't want to set them on fire or let your cat bat them around, but you don't feel bad about leaving them on the couch for a couple days while you work with them.

The Bad

  • Lack of patterns:This "bad" isn't much different than what people have complained about in the past, but it seems 2010 is lacking in patterns even more severely than past years.  This might not actually be true, as past patterns that lasted for several days would have their own pages for that day, whereas this year, each page has two days on it.  In all actuality, it probably evens out, but it just seems like there are less.
  • But... each month also gets a bonus pattern, so that kind of helps.
  • If the problem is that they're lacking pattern submissions, I am more than happy to volunteer some of my pattern ideas in the future :)  I have so many ideas floating around in my head, and I actually have some patterns written down that I've never typed up to sell, that it might be another venture worth looking into.

Take that as you will.  I think they're worth getting if just to take a mental break from daily life and look over to see things like "[K1, inc] twice, K1".  It just makes me happy.  Yes, I know that probably makes me strange.

If you're about as crazy as I am, you can check out both items in

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.  Because you can never have enough patterns!  :)