ATTN: B&N - Where are your knitting/crochet calendars?!

It's a sad day when I lose faith in Barnes & Noble.

For the past - I don't even know how many - years, I've always taken the B&N gifts cards I get for Christmas and buy desk calendars on sale. But not just any desk calendars: the Knitting-Pattern-A-Day and Crochet-Pattern-A-Day ones:

(Side note: it kinda miffs me that they're not really a pattern-a-day, and sometimes you end up with something really ugly spanning the course of three days or over a weekend, something that drove me nuts).

Anyway, I've always gone a week or two into the new year, almost completely missing the entire first month of patterns. B&N always had an amazing sale of 50% off desk calendars, so it was a steal, and I always had some fiber inspiration when I'd come to work in the mornings.

So last night, I was at B&N to get my mind off the whole buying-a-house drama, and got really upset at their terrible collection of calendars. They had a rack of wall calendars, and then maybe 20 desk calendars to choose from. And even then, none of them were duplicates. I understand the year just changed and everyone wants their calendars, but I've never seen such a poor display there before.

I was actually pretty miffed. I think I'm stressed out, haha. But I guess I'll see what Amazon can offer me. I think I've only ever made, like, five things off those calendars, but I won't be able to make it through my days without them!

Oh for the love, Amazon has them full-priced for $15. Totally not worth the $30 + shipping. WAH WAH WAH! Wait... no, the knitting one is only $8. What the heck, Amazon? Why would the less-intense crochet patterns be more than the knitting one? Whatever. But if you're interested, here's the crochet one, and here's the knitting one.

...heck, I'm just gonna freaking buy them. It's been a rough week. I'll review the patterns when I get them and let you know if you're missing out on anything :D