Happy New Year - Have a Giant Cupcake!

Did everyone have a great Christmas? Are you looking forward to the New Year? I am, if only for the fact I am providing a ginormous Boston Cream Cupcake for the gathering we're attending:

You know you're jealous! I got it as a present from one of my friends, and I'm disgustingly excited to make it. I'll be baking it tonight, then icing it to look like the Christmas tree version after work tomorrow so it's nice and fresh for the big event.

Other notable gifts this year include my new Kindle, courtesy of my parents, which I am now obsessed with; tons of games for our Wii and DS (and by tons, I mean three); a drop spindle from another crafty fiber-obsessed friend of mine, along with some fiber to go with it; a chair massager which has provided much relaxation over the course of our week; a Pandora bracelet and Wizard of Oz collectible Blu-Ray set from hubby's parents (oh, and tickets to see Jim Gaffigan!!!!); and just so much more to mention, I don't have the time. We had such a great Christmas.

In other personal news, hubby and I have been incredibly busy house hunting, which has been fun and tedious all at the same time, and I'm applying to graduate school to get my MBA in Marketing. If I get accepted, I'll be starting in April 2010, in the hopes that we'll have a house by then and be done with any renovations to be moved in already. Cross your fingers for us!

I'll leave you with a photo of the hat I made for my cousin. I made it from this pattern, which is based on the hat Hermione wears in Half-Blood Prince.

And speaking of Harry Potter, I decided what little free time I have left just needed to disappear, so I joined the Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry. I thought it would be a great way to force myself into finishing projects for a change, as well as maybe trying something new (for example, they have knit- and crochet-a-longs). Well, this morning I got a notification that I had been sorted into the Gryffindor house, so it looks like it's starting up!

I swear I'm not a huge geek... I swear I'm not a huge geek... I swear I'm not - who am I kidding?

Happy New Year, everyone!