Pre-wedding knitting-for-my-sanity

Wow, what a long time without an update! You can tell I got a little overwhelmed this summer with activities. So many weekend adventures, wedding planning, and all that good stuff took its toll, and I unfortunately didn't get to be as yarnily creative as I'd have liked.

I have, however, taken up more knitting in the past couple weeks as we approach the 2.5 week mark until the wedding. With almost everything done, and just waiting on RSVP's, I have no choice but to sit here, brood, and give myself migraines over the excitement and nerves I've been feeling. So I'm back to loving yarn again, though all my crochet stuff is still on hold while I try my hand at a whole slough of knitting patterns.

In recently finished projects, we have the below cabled hat (ravelry link):

And one of my Whitney Headbands, requested through Alchemy in my etsy shop (ravelry link):

Apologies for the junky photo of that headband. My good camera decided to die on me, so I had to resort to an older one whose quality isn't that great. But I did get a good review on it in my etsy shop, so I'm glad she loves it!

In other crafty news, I am almost done making one of these. Also, I ventured out in West Chester this weekend for a pre-bachelorette shindig with my Matron of Honor and future SIL, and I demanded a trip to a yarn boutique, haha. I entered the store not really knowing what my motivation was... until I stumbled upon a huge display of sock yarn. So guess what I'm making now?!

Yes, I purchased some yarn to make my first pair of socks EVER! I ended up speaking to another woman in the store who warned me that they are addicting. Right now, I'm almost done creating the heel flap on my first sock, and I'm nervously awaiting my attempt at turning the heel, and I can see how they can be addicting! I'm using a very basic pattern that allows me to just mindlessly knit miles of stockinette, which made for great TV watching yesterday while Nick was at his bachelor's weekend in Nashville (I bonded with some BuffyTVS, Vampire Diaries, and Vanity Fair). I'm still a bit slow working the smaller needles, but they are very fun and the yarn is beautiful. I will have to take a photo for my next entry, and I really wish I remembered the name. I can't wait to see if I can do this!

They were supposed to be a honeymoon plane ride project, but I just couldn't resist. Oh, well. I can always purchase more yarn and make Nick a pair, too. He asked if I would, and I told him to hold on a minute and see if I can make it through one sock, first :)

Anyway, wish me luck in these next few weeks before the wedding! I never understood just how stressful a wedding could be until I started planning my own. Who knew that there was so much involved in planning for something that's started and over in 12 hours? Seems like a pain to me! We have the marriage license sitting at home, and it was ready to go on Saturday. It's so tempting to just go and have it over with :P