Ah Monday, we meet again

Well, I guess it's actually Tuesday... but I had yesterday off. So not only am I confused, but today is the Monday of my work week. To kick it off right, Mother Nature is cold, rainy, and grey.

Easter weather wasn't anything to write home about, either. It looked beautiful outside, but then you'd get out there and freeze. I luckily hadn't gone too spring-y on a dress this year, but nevertheless - it killed me to wear a coat on Easter Sunday! I hope everyone had a great holiday, though, and got lots of candies and other treats. Nick and I are now the proud owners of a mini Aerogarden, so that'll be tonight's project :D This is all in my attempt to be the lazy version of Martha Stewart.

My weekend was chaotic, as usual, but I thought I'd stop by and show you pictures of my two most current projects (because I wanted to play with my new camera ;)).

Here we have the wrap I'm making for my friend to wear over her gown before her wedding on May 30th. She had seen the pattern in a 2005 edition of Easy Knit & Crochet Ideas and thought it was super cute, especially since she had this sparkly yarn just sitting around. So far, so good. My only concern is that the yarn she had is DK weight and the pattern called for worsted, but she's a tiny person so we might be good :) I'm kind of worried about that, actually.

Anyway, I'm nearing the top of the wrap itself, which means I'll soon be picking up stitches and spending hours knitting some ruffles, haha. The title of the magazine says it all - pretty easy pattern, mostly stockinette and garter stitches. Placemarkers help with the decreasing on the top and the 3-stitch edging. I think the curl on the bottom (stupid stockinette!) will go away once I pick up and knit the bottom ruffle. Right?!

I got home from visiting my family yesterday afternoon and took to some of the craft shows our DVR had recorded before Nick came home from work. On it was a rerun of Knit & Crochet Today where they demonstrated hairpin lace and tunisian crochet. I've made a couple hairpin lace scarves inspired by that episode, but had yet to pick up the tunisian crochet hook I ordered awhile go. So... off to bust my stash I went and started creating this beauty. I love the bigger hook because it doesn't curl (the smaller hooks I had made the stitches tight and curl, which sucks if you want to make a fun scarf or something), and it's just really fun - and fast! - to work with. I can probably go through a TON of my stash making a bunch of these, and store them for gifts and upcoming craft shows. It never hurts to have too many on-hand finished projects.

And now... I'm off to work for the day and hope to finish writing my fingerless gloves pattern to have people test before selling it in my shop. I'm thinking $4 for the pattern, now. I don't think that's a bad price. Is it?