FO - Baby Blanket for Ingrid

Yay! It's done! Finally done!

What can I say? This was the quicket blanket I've ever made, and probably one of the most tedious. I finished it in about a month, which is a new record for me (it would take me a shorter amount of time, I'm sure, if I wasn't working full-time or if I didn't get easily-distracted with other projects). At one point, I needed to put down the crocheted blanket and knit a few rows of another project just to keep myself sane.

That said, the pattern was really simple, maybe even easier than the other blanket I made awhile back for another friend. The only part I really hated was doing the fringe, and even that was easier this time around. It was actually kind of fun to cut them to the right length and watch it turn from chaos into organized-ness. And it's lovely.

The only thing I didn't like was that it's too narrow, but that'll probably fix itself in one wash when the stitches stretch. I used more yarn than the pattern called for, too. I must crochet too tightly, though my gauge was totally right when I made my swatch first. Oh, well!

For more information, please visit my ravelry page for this project, where you can see my pattern review and more WIP photos!