I actually finished a big project

Look guys, I actually had the patience to finish something "real".

Okay, so it's a baby blanket, which is still a pretty small project compared to a sweater or an adult-sized afghan, but let me tell you - it's still quite a feat given my attention span (or lack thereof). And yes, it's very pink.

The pattern is from Baby Bubble Wraps, and I had trouble deciding on just one pattern - they are all fabulous. I completed the fringe on this bad boy sometime last week. It seemed to take forever, but I only started it about a month ago. I also took a few creative liberties with it. For example, the pattern called for fringe on every other row, but I added it to every row because it looked scarce. I just thought the bubbles would be fun for a baby to play with, and who doesn't love fringe?

Now I have a hat to finish knitting, and I just can't work up the nerve to sit there and cable. I ended up crocheting two hats from Crochet Today last night just to get it out of my system. Something tells me I'll make about 20 of them.

I might be getting my yarn collection back this weekend. My parents have been holding it hostage since I switched apartments and had no storage for a few months. They're actually worried about whether or not it'll all fit in the car. Hmmm... Meanwhile, my pattern books are starting to fall off my bookcase and I just got two more from Annie's Attic yesterday. I wonder if they have meetings for such addictions.