Getting around to redoing the website

Well, I'm finally redesigning the website! I won't even begin to tell you the awful process that was switching hosting providers to get to this point, but we'll leave it at this: I would have updated this thing long ago had it been easy.

Anyway, I've tried to keep a bunch of crafting blogs in the past, so we'll see how long this thing lasts :) That being said, I'm trying to take a new approach with this one and not consider as so much of a blog, but more of an "instant website update without having to redesign anything or upload files three times through my host's FTP server" feature. Maybe if I view it as something easy, I won't put off updating :P

The main website layout is done and I'm working on the subpages. The biggest project is going to be the store, something I'm really not looking forward to in the least. I'm waiting for the mini-tripod I ordered so I can reshoot my items at least somewhat professionally. Then I'll need to tackle PayPal. Or I could just go the easy route and link all the items to an etsy shop, but I really don't want to do that (even though I'll end up putting my stuff on etsy anyway). We'll have to see how lazy I get in the next few weeks with my busy schedule.

Currently, I'm finishing up a knitted hat I was commissioned to make, then it's time to go balls out for a craft show I'm doing mid-October. It's time to get my act in gear with that, and I'm excited to start! I'll also be participating in a lot of charity things coming up, like making scarves for the Special Olympics, so I'll have the updates here :) Check back soon!

PS: I almost forgot to mention that I watched an episode of Uncommon Threads about Card Weaving, and I am more than excited to try this. I think it would be better if I could find a local class, but good luck doing that anywhere around here. I'm doing to ask the darling boyfriend if he'd buy me a starter kit for Christmas, since I wouldn't have the time to bother sitting down (or standing up and tying myself to a doorknob) until after the holidays, anyway. The cards I found to buy are $10 for 25, so I'd probably want to get two packs. Either way, this might just be a passing fancy, but it's so cool!