2015 Knitter Goals (and some crochet, too!)

Okay, so I'm a little late to the party on creating my 2015 goals list. Part of that is procrastination (is anyone surprised?), but another part of that is making sure I was actually interested in the goals I wanted to accomplish. In other years, I've created a list of things to do that I didn't particularly want to do, or knew I already wasn't in the right frame of mind to get done. 

So this year, I took a different approach: I created goals based on what I've already started doing. I'm hoping this means I'll see a result - for once - come December 31st. I'm really good at accomplishing goals on the job, but not so much in my personal life, which is a bit more relaxed and flighty. I could use the structure.

Without further ado:

  • Conquer drop spindling. I took a Craftsy class awhile ago and never quite mastered the art. I think the fiber I purchased in my first kit wasn't easy to work with, attributing to much of my problems. I've since purchased fiber packs from Etsy that seem to pre-draft easily, so I may be able to do something with this obsession that I was forced to give up due to wool issues.
  • Learn counted cross stitch. I bought a couple beginner kits on sale at Hobby Lobby over the Christmas holiday. Many of the knitters I stalk also do counted cross stitch, and some of them (particularly the Once Upon a Time sampler) have me drooling. I'm not one to sit idly by and watch everyone else have the fun, so I plan to dive in.
  • Add my stash to Ravelry. This is something I've started doing in the new year, and it's also something I've been horrible at updating in the past. I've realized that if I add my stash to Ravelry, it makes pattern hunting easier. For example, when I decide I want to make a pattern, the Ravelry pattern page recommends something that's already in my stash based on the necessary yardage. I don't have to look at the hank to determine whether I need enough, nor do I need to buy more yarn for a specific project (especially when I've forgotten that I own something). I get excited to add my stash enhancements now, plus time is saved in the long-run. I need to keep up the good work!
  • Finish one freaking pair of socks. Do you know how many socks I've started and never finished? It's no question that I can make them; I just get so bored. I don't know if I need to find more thrilling yarn or a more interesting pattern, but I need to stop losing interest. It's driving me nuts. I don't want to be a sock knitter, per se, but I do want to finish a pair because I feel like that means you've "made it" in the knitting world.
  • Start a "Cosy Memories" blanket. Yes, that is the British spelling. The name is given from the "A Homespun House" podcast and is based off this Knitted Patchwork Recipe pattern.
  • Finish (3) of the following WIPs:
    • Corner Start Entrelac Blanket. Started as a gift for my Pop when he was placed in a care facility, he unfortunately passed away in December before I was able to complete it. I couldn't look at it at all during Christmas, but my Nannie would like it, so that's given me incentive to bring it out of its project bag again.
    • Mystic Spiral Socks. Because if I finish this one, I kill two goals with one project.
    • Mario Star Blanket. I was unexplainably into this for quite a few weeks in the early fall, but it got put on hold when my shop went crazy with orders and I needed to work on Christmas gifts. This is going to look awesome in the man cave, which is where my husband and I play all the Mario games.
    • Hitchhiker. I couldn't even tell you why I stopped knitting on this. I think I had to put it away because we had visitors one weekend and, you know, out of sight, out of mind with me.
    • Daffodil Filet Table Runner. This would be a total time commitment, and I'm not sure I'm up to the task. But it's still sitting there three years later with its original hook, so I should either keep going to frog the darn thing.
    • Creamy Textured Stocking. This one's an easy out if I'm getting nowhere. I ran out of yarn in the middle of completing the toe, so I literally only have about five more rounds of decreasing crochet before it's finished.
    • Tailgating Blanket. Won't be hard to finish as long as I just sit down and work on it. It's so stupid easy and looks great when done.
  • Make a Zuzu's Petals. I have the yarn already picked out for this, so all I need to do is wind it up and actually make it.

I'm going to stop here before the list gets out of control.

Notice how there's nothing here about stash-busting. I just always fail at that, so there's no point in even trying. Plus, with my KnitCrate subscription, I automatically lose unless I make that an exception - which I don't feel like putting extra rules on myself when I don't need to. This is supposed to mostly be fun for me; I just want to be better at the "fun".

What are your goals for the new year? Have you started any and how are you progressing?