2017 February KnitCrate Main Unboxing

Okay, okay. I know I've been slacking on getting my unboxings up on a regular basis (at least on the blog). As usual, life has a way of deterring me from my hobbies and steering my attention toward other things.

For example, I spoke at a major marketing conference toward the end of April, so I spent the month between recording this video and actually speaking freaking out just a tad and making sure I was prepped.

Also, there's a little thing I go through on an annual basis that's a blogger's equivalent of "writer's block". And I haven't been knitting much because I've been working on a super secret project that will be revealed shortly.

But enough of my woeful whines. You're here to talk about yarn. Watch the video above for the deets, or read below for more specifics:


Mrs. Crosby lends her worldly, experimental touch to this month's shipment, sending not one or two, but THREE semi-solid skeins of Steamer Trunk, a sumptuous, worsted-weight, 100% merino. Semi-solid colorways Lagoon, Smitten, and Garden House play together perfectly.


Patchwork Purse Collection #1: Two purses, one pattern - designed by Irene York, these playful purses work up using clever stitch manipulation and interesting construction. Suitable for beginners and intermediate knitters, there are two styles included in a single PDF. Work them in one color or two for different effects. Leave the strap off for a fun notions pouch you can pop into your project bag!


Soothe yourself at the end of a long day with this handmade, heart-shaped bath bomb from Etsy artisan Petting My Unicorn. Scented with Lavender Essential Oil and made from premium ingredients, this bath bomb is specifically designed to relax sore muscles (perfect to recover from a knitting and Netflix binge!)