In Progress: Cozy Memories (Mitered Square) Blanket

Because who doesn't love weaving in eleventy-billion ends?

So you know how everyone except yours truly has started knitting on scrap yarn blankets in the past year?

Well, I've joined the club. And am loving every minute of it.

It's not that I waited until now to start. No, the truth is I'd started one in the fall, but didn't like that particular design. Each mitered square was a diamond (as opposed to being worked straight across), and for some reason, that look really bugged me.

It pained me to toss the squares I'd already worked on, but it had to be done, and I think the end result is worth it. This time, I'm using the Knitted Patchwork Recipe by iMake, and although I'm not as happy with the decrease method as I was in my previous squares, I can live with it. I suppose I could have altered it if I wanted to, but... laziness.

I haven't even started using my own yarn yet. Currently, I'm working through a huge bag of sock yarn scraps Erin gave me when we met up at Rhinebeck last October, and I have a strange feeling it's going to last me awhile. But I've been adding to the bag as I comb through my craft room every weekend in an unsuccessful attempt at organization, so I'll be dipping into my own stash soon.

This has been perfect potato chip knitting for when I'm watching movies or talking on the phone. There's almost no concentration involved, so it's a nice break from the Constantinople Shawl's lace knitting nightmare (can you say K4tog?) and I'm trying to knit on at least one square a day so I can see some progress. I also like that if I'm using self-striping yarn, it can be re-used multiple times with a different effect - you can't even necessarily tell the squares came from the same ball.

It's a terrific stash buster that also serves as an homage to all the projects you've knit in the past, especially those you gave away and no longer see.

If you've started your own mitered square blanket, post a photo in the comments. I could use some pretty colors in this otherwise dreary, rainy week!

In the meantime, I'm:

Reading: Lolita (yes, still, and I need to finish this up soon so I can return it to the library)
Listening: Meg Myers - "Make a Shadow"

Full Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to the pattern (available on Craftsy) used for my project.