In Progress: Knitting a Summer Scarf from KnitCrate

I'm not sure if my knitting mojo has returned or if I'm just forcing myself to pick up my yarn every night while streaming the entire FRIENDS series on Netflix (um... we got rid of cable) or catching up on podcasts.

I think it's a combination of both, and although I'm hoping it stays on, I'm not sure it will thanks to the ridiculously hot and humid weather heading our way this week. There mere thought of working with yarn - at least on a heavy, larger project - before darkness falls is unbearable.

Perhaps that's what made me pick up April 2015's KnitCrate that included some heavenly, heavenly Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag yarn in Scarlet Ibis. The pattern, ZigZag Scarf 2, is perfect for travel knitting because it's easy to memorize with short lace rows and simple rest rows. Plus:

"All the proceeds of this pattern will be donated to the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Australian National University. My late brother, Minoru Hokari (“Mino” 1971-2004) died of cancer at the age of 32. The scholarship fund supports young scholars who study Indigenous Australians through fieldwork. We are trying to fully fund it to achieve its perpetuity."

So that's what's been on my needles as I've traveled to-and-fro the past couple weekends. I even took to knitting at the bar one afternoon (and was told I'm fabulous!)

Otherwise, I've been engrossed in reading Rebecca. Why have I not read it before? It seems to me the type of book you'd read in an AP English class. Considering I went to a private college prep school whose classes were all Honors or AP, I'd have much preferred this to, say, The Red Badge of Courage or Ethan Frome. Especially when studying archetypes. Take note, teachers!