Anne's Sweater Progress Update


I'm slowly coming to turns with the fact my Anne's Sweater won't be a Rhinebeck sweater. That's okay; I pre-ordered a (pink) NY Sheep and Wool t-shirt that I'll probably change into immediately, and I planned on sporting my Exploration Station as back-up.

I guess I'll survive, as long as the weather's not too shabby. But until I get more time to work on it, this is the state my poor sweater will stay in for awhile. My guess is I won't really pick it up again until January. But I've finished the main body and "only" have the border, sleeves, and pockets to knit up next.

But hey, if you're going to Rhinebeck, let me know and maybe we can meet up! I'll be visiting with some friends while there, and the more, the merrier :)

Meanwhile, that little orange fluff in the photo has been having lots of health issues lately. We're pretty sure he's enjoying another bout with pancreatitis, so we're battling with him to eat (and keep everything done, too). Now, the vet wants us to take him in for an ultrasound so we can truly diagnose what's going on. Sigh. I guess we can't all be healthy forever!