Another life update. Because you care, right?

This post is long overdue - my last update was almost three months ago.  YIKES!  Since we all know I'm a blabbermouth, you've probably realized that things have been a little nutty on my end.  Or maybe you didn't.  Either way, I'm going to elaborate because I'm an only child and you're my captive audience.

First things first, my 90-year-old grandmother passed away on April 10th.  If you've followed my blog for a long time (and many of you have), you'll know she's the inspiration behind my knitting.  Why?  Because I'm annoying - we know this.  She shut me up by thrusting yarn and needles into my hands and letting me go to town.  I'm not sure she knew how much I appreciated that, or the fact she never sat still; I inherited that trait from her and I'll never regret it.  I take on too much, never say no, cry that I'll never get it all done, and then always come out on top - usually wielding a skein of hand-spun yarn I spent way too much money on.  That's because of her.  (The "always having to do something" part, not the "spending way too much money" part.  My husband wishes I'd also inherited her frugality).

I'm not getting into the dirty details, and I'm not going to spend the next hour of my life weeping through my fingers into the keyboard, but I will say that I hope she knows what she's done for me by introducing me to knitting - and so much more.

Next up?  Best friend's bachelorette weekend and wedding, both of which were a blast.  Michelle and I have been friends since I moved into our neighborhood at the tender age of 9.  I'm 31 now.  Knowing the patience I have for people (none) and the number of people I like for extended periods of time (few), that should tell you something.  I took my MOH status seriously and hope I served her and her new husband, Mike, well.  It was a beautiful wedding and I look forward to celebrating our next milestones together for another 22 years (hopefully more!)

That time I out-hipstered myself by getting a flight and knitting at Dogfish Head Brewpub

Finally, we took our annual beach vacation, this time to Rehoboth instead of OCMD.  We rented a house with 12 of our friends, ate a lot, enjoyed craft brews, played Cards Against Humanity, and slept on the beach every day for five days.  After a week of what we entitled "Real World: Old People Edition", I returned home relaxed and a few pounds heavier - not because of the craft beer, but because I managed to find another yarn shop on the beach.  I indulged, as you can see.  In addition to a lace shawl pattern book, I also bought some instructions on Brioche knitting, five balls of yarn, stitch markers, Addi circular needles, and a crochet hook.  Oh, me!

There's more, but those are the highlights.  And... I look forward to knitting more this summer, although if the humidity keeps going the way it's going, I won't even look at a skein of yarn.  Unless I'm buying more to cram in my craft room.

I hope you've all had a wonderful start to your summers and that you have plenty of projects planned for the long holiday weekend ahead :)  Chances are, mine won't involve yarn, but I can guarantee there will be reading and barbecue.  Love you all!