WIPs This Week

Here are almost all of this week's works in progress. I say "almost all" because the pile is missing a hat I started last night for an order in my etsy shop. But otherwise, everything's here and ready for your judgment. Critique away!

1) and 2) My Yarnspirations mystery scarves. I'm still having fun with these, but I'll be glad when the event ends next week. I'm starting to grow weary of working on them constantly, especially now that I have more projects hogging up my hooks, needles and time. It was fun while it lasted and served for a mindless lunch break most days.

3) My crochet Rudolph hat for an order. I haven't worked on this at all, despite having plans to, just because I got sidetracked by work, life and...

4) The Mario star-inspired blanket that's getting near completion. Only a couple more rows of white and making/attaching stars before I'm ready to plop this next to our Wii U. I'm debating making another one on a pink background so Nick and I can have "his" and "hers" blankets - after taking a nice long break from the small hook size and carpal tunnel I'm getting, of course :) No seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm getting carpal tunnel.

5) A knitted brown headband for an order. Hurray for branching out into colors that aren't grey!

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts as these projects complete themselves (I wish) and I cast on even more. I've already got some ideas up my sleeve for what to start next. Hint: it includes the fact I've ordered more than enough indie hand-dyed sock yarn to clothe a small army.