Finished: Crochet Flower Hair Pins

I'm shipping these lovely little flower hair pins out today and I have to admit - I'm going to miss them.

The fun thing about making flowers is that they're so fast to make and look good on almost everything.  If you have a plan hat or headband that needs some extra flair, just add a detachable flower and you're ready for the road.

It wasn't long ago that I came up with idea to list my detachable crochet flowers separately from each hat and headband in my shop.  I realized that because they're so versatile, why not give people to option to order more and interchange them as they need or want?  Or then when it's not winter, they can be worn on their own as a fun little hair accessory.

I was lucky enough that my idea resulted in at least one order of flowers, which is what you see in the above photo.  I threw in a few extras, as well, because the customer had to send me her yarn so that the flowers matched a headband she had already knitted.  I hope I get pictures because I'm sure they'll look awesome :)

If you're in the same boat (ie: you can knit one of my headbands, but can't crochet), you can click here to order your own!  Or if you'd like the original pattern that inspired these flowers, click here instead.