custom order: custom mommy/child pilot hats

I'm going to try something a little bit different for my project posts in the hopes that I'll be able to update more (and communicate clearly instead of babbling like I usually do :P).  So let me know what you think!

Project Description: These hats are a custom mother/child order for my etsy shop.  My customer, Tamera, requested pilot hats in both baby and adult sizes; over course, I was more than happy to oblige!

I hadn't made a pilot hat before, and the pattern I found needed severe tweaking for both worsted weight yarn and an adult head circumference.  I spent the better part of an evening figuring out the math and making swatches until it just worked!  I'm pleased with myself - it was actually quite easy and I'll be able to adjust the hat for a variety of sizes now.  Made-to-order pilot hats, anyone?

Yarn Used: I used three yarns to accomplish this fun zig-zag look:
Pattern Used:  Baby Pilot Hat Modified by Gerda Porter

Life Updates:
  • Fritzy ate a foil candy wrapper the other day, so Hubby and I kept a less-than-entertaining vigil for the next 24 hours to make sure he was okay.
  • I've started getting into baking doggy cookies, which I love because I've always enjoyed baking, but never kept up because I didn't want to eat everything myself - so now I can just make my dog fat!  (Not really).
  • I can't believe Easter is this coming weekend considering we still keep getting snowed on
  • I'm traveling to San Francisco in just over a week for a marketing conference/a little girl time at some delicious wineries.  I'm trying to figure out which project to take on the plane with me and might leave it up to a vote by my loyal readers :)
That's it!  Let me know if this format works for you guys.  I feel like it's more organized, so my thoughts are put together a little bit better than normal.  Also, you can skim to the areas you actually want to read.

Hope you're all having a great week and have a lot of spring projects to work on!