my new "sharp crochet hook"

What a beautiful day.  It's raining and disgusting outside, I have a busy many hours ahead of me, and I woke up to my cat puking, at which point I realized I had the most massive sinus headache ever.  EVER!

The past week or two have not been the best for me, and it seems like my streak of bad luck is going to continue; however, there are a couple things that have made me smile during this hideously awful time.

Like this Sharp Crochet Hook I received to review in the next couple weeks:

And the fact I was able to take this photo on my new iPhone 5 (don't worry - there's a ridiculous story behind how I almost didn't get that, too, thanks to UPS not doing their jobs).

I'm excited to play around with my new toy this weekend.  Sounds like a trip to the Dollar Store for some Halloween-themed towels is in order :)