crochet baby lion hat for photo prop

I have a feeling that you're getting tired of all these baby photo props that I'm propelling your way.  Never fear: I do have another project to show you soon (hint: I'm making it out of birthday yarn, courtesy of Hubby).  But in the meantime, I'm still getting kicks out of the endless cuteness.

My latest photo prop is this lion hat:

Again, I must ask you to pardon my "baby".
I crocheted a basic newborn bonnet pattern, followed by adding orange fringe.  The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun, which is perfect for this project because the mane/fringe needs to look like wild hair. 

It seems almost natural that Lion Brand would make yarn fit for a lion, no?

I've nearly completed the accompanying diaper cover - also adorable because I get to atach a tail with more fringe!  Perhaps I'll have a photo of the whole set to show you after the weekend.

In other news, I'm asking you to feel bad for me.  I had a sinking feeling that the other hats I'd created for this order will too big, despite measuring accurately (or so I thought).  Far too late, I remembered I had a bunch of white balloons left over from pervious baby hat photo shoots, so I blew one up to the size of a newborn's head... and the balloon was swimming.  What the heck?

So the bad news is I have to start over with the other orders.  The good news is that they're so tiny, they're whipping up quickly.  Last night, I finished the bases of my new owl hat (ear flaps and all) and managed to save the eyes from Owl #1.  I'm almost done with the base of of the new teddy bear hat and I think I can save the bumble bee.  Wish me luck!

Have you ever had to rip something out and start over long after you'd already finished a project?  Did you hate the universe as much I did when you discovered you had to go back to square one?