yarn haul - noro silk garden and plymouth yarn baby alpaca lace

Yay - it's Friday!  Couldn't come soon enough, if you ask me.  Except it also came way too fast at the same time.  Yeesh.

Before I go into my lovely and exciting yarn hall, I just wanted to remind everyone that this is the last weekend to vote for my blog in The Morning Call's "My Choice Voice" - Best Blogs of the Lehigh Valley.  If you enjoy my updates, please go over there and vote today.  I'd really appreciate it :)

Moving on, those of you who follow my page on Facebook will know that Hubby got me a gift card to our LYS - The Knitter's Edge.  They've been around for a couple years, but I hadn't gotten my little tushie over there yet to check them out.  Hubby, being supportive of my hobby and business, finally pushed me out of the house to run an errand for myself.

So, what did I get?

Well, I got four balls of Noro Silk Garden, which I've always wanted to try.  I'd worked with Noro Kureyon and loved it despite its rough texture, so I wanted to try the supposedly smoother textures of Silk Garden.  Plus, I'm not sure if you're a real knitter if you've never touched the stuff (okay, I'm only somewhat joking because it seriously seems like all knitters have a thing for molesting Silk Garden).  I'll be making this really easy but beautiful scarf with it (you can see what I've done so far in the picture above).

I also picked up some Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Lace to make this shawl.  It'll be my first one ever, and I'm not really sure how I feel about making a shawl to begin with.  I'm not sure if I'd ever wear it for its original intent, but I do like the idea of wearing it like a bulky scarf.  I'm also incredibly intimidated by the lace - but when has intimidation ever stopped me?

That's all for today!  I'm really excited to work on these projects in the coming weeks.  My classes will be over and I'm only taking one class next semester, so I'm looking forward to a wee bit of more time to dedicate to things I really enjoy.

Let me know what your weekend plans are in the comments.  I'll be working on three custom orders in between writing my final papers, and they're awesome orders.  Posts on those will follow next week :D  Have a fantastic weekend!  And for all my fellow Hunger Games fans, may the odds be ever in your favor.