crochet houndstooth clutch

Goooooooood morning!  And a happy Monday to you!

You may be asking yourself: why on earth are you so happy on a Monday?  Well, I'm refreshed after my first weekend in months where I didn't have anywhere to go.  Last weekend, I returned from a working vacation in Las Vegas where I got to see some friends I don't get to see often - and I even went to the TITANIC Exhibition at the Luxor, which was amazing.  If you don't know me outside of this blog, then you probably wouldn't know I've been obsessed with TITANIC since long before the movie came out, so I was pumped about going there.

But overall, I'm in a much happier mood than I was before I left.  Partly because school work is dying down, even though we're at the end.  There's just a lot less reading to do and more actual "doing" of things - thank goodness!  It was nice to get away from everything for a week and re-evaluate what's going on in my life.  And decide that I need to take a deep breath and stop taking on so much.

That said, I'm back in the land of fiber arts, so here I am to show you some projects I never had a chance to blog about.

Here we have a little clutch I made for my oma's birthday:

It's a houndstooth pattern created by alterning single- and double-crochets and changing colors every row.  Add a nice round of crab stitch for the border and a cute little button and voila - instant cuteness.

I recently signed up to make video tutorials for, so I think this is going to be my first video for them.  I'm in the process of typing up a pattern, and it will be Mother's Day themed.  So everyone get your crochet hooks and some spring-colored yarn to make your mom this adorable little clutch!