completed crochet zig-zag hat prototypes

Here are the prototype hats I finished crocheting on Monday night!  The pictures are terrible, since they were obviously taken in the evening, but hopefully you get the idea :)




The blue and black hat is the first one I made, and I wasn't too happy with the way the top or bottom came out, so I made the second one with all the super fun colors :P  I really enjoy them and want to alter the pattern a couple ways to a) make it slouchy and b) add ear flaps.  I think these would look super cute as ski caps!

In other news, I keep getting sick, and this is not the time of year to get sick!  I had a stomach bug at the end of the last week, and I think I feel another one coming on.  I just can't win and all I want to do is sleep - but of course, you can't sleep during the last week leading up to Christmas!