world vision: knit for kids sweater = done!

Long time no post!  Okay, not that long.  But my life has once again spiraled out of control with school and work responsibilities.  After this weekend, I think I'll be better, but right now I'm so stressed out that all I want to do is eat and sleep.  But we all know that's not productive, so I've just been walking around like a hungry zombie.

The good news is that I was able to finish my World Vision: Knit for Kids sweater before everything exploded, so now I'm just waiting until I have a chance to mail it out.



I decided to make it harder on myself by using a different color for all the front-post double crochets.  Not that it was hard to do, but weaving in the ends was NOT a good time!  I wove in as much as I could and then crocheted over what little ends were left, which left a nice border.  It kind of made the sleeves trumpet a bit, but that's okay.  I'm not sure you'd really notice when it's on.

I wish the pictures were better, but as always, I was too busy to get it "just right".  I miss having more than five minutes to myself in a day, and I miss being home for more than one night in a week (including weekends).  I can't tell if my classes are just that work-intensive, or if I've just chosen to take on too much at the same time.  Story of my life!