weekend yarn haul

ACMoore was having a massive yarn sale over the weekend, so I felt the need to indulge.  Well, partially because I received a couple more custom hat commissions over the weekend and I needed some supplies, and partially because I can't step foot in a craft store without buying something for myself.

Behold the goods:

Weekend Yarn Haul - 9/25/2011
The brown yarn is to finish a football-themed diaper cover to match a hat I made.  I bought two skeins of Vanna's Choice because I always seem to be running out of brown yarn.

The Red Heart Designer Sport looks white in the photo, but it's more on the cream side.  That'll be for another Whitney headband that I'm hoping to finish up this weekend before mailing out.

The Red Heart Stardust and Red Heart Curly-Q were both impulse buys just because they're typically on the expensive side and now they were on sale.  I couldn't argue with getting $5 yarn for $2.99.  I'm hoping to make some sock with the Stardust yarn.  It's fingering weight and probably not even meant to make socks, but I purchased a class on Craftsy that I hope will give me the courage to finish a sock.  I always get to the toe area and lose interest, so maybe now that I've invested $30 on a class (that was on sale, too!), I'll get something done.  And it SPARKLES!

I think I'm going to make a hat out of the Curly-Q yarn for a Christmas present, so I got two skeins of that since I'm not sure what type of hat I'll be making.  I'm thinking something with ear flaps, though.  It looks like it'll be fun yarn to work with.

One of these days, I hope to be able to touch this yarn and do something with it, haha.  But for now, I have to run to work and then I have yet another presentation for class tonight.  Will I ever get used to public speaking?  Wish me luck!